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New PRECIOSA Flat Back Shapes

Introducing new PRECIOSA shapes: FLAT BACK HEART and FLAT BACK LEAF:Regular Flat Back Stones:https://www.beadandtrim.com/leaf/https://www.beadandtrim.com/heart/Hot Fix Stones:https://www.beadandtrim.com/hot-fix-heart/https://www.beadandtrim.com/hot-fix-leaf/Available in Crystal, Crystal AB and Jet colors.

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Light Sapphire Opal

LIGHT SAPPHIRE OPAL – Eternal RomanceThis eternally romantic, this soft and ethereal pale opal blue will send delightful frissons through any creation and add a spring to your step for your momentous day. Available in the MC Chaton MAXIMA, the VIVA 12®, and the MC Bead Rondell, you can also add a shimmering AB coating [...]

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Amethyst Opal

AMETHYST OPAL – Unexpected DelightAdd an unexpected delightful splash to your designs with this delectable new shade. It’s all about a little impulsive surprise, and creating a moment no-one is likely to forget! This tantalizingly vivacious colour also comes in AB coating in our premium products.

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Chrysolite Opal

CHRYSOLITE OPAL – Playful SpontaneityFull of playfully luminous spontaneity, the pastel green hue of Chrysolite Opal is ideal as you prepare your next collection. Reach deep into your inner child and let yourself go to give an airy, fresh dimension to your designs. This new colour will help unleash your imagination – either as is, [...]

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New PRECIOSA colors:

We are excited to be introducing the latest trends and innovations – this time for the Spring & Summer 2017 fashion season. In this edition we take a step back from the everyday and journey to create shimmering moments from opportunities that life throws our way. Each of the fifteen exciting new items sparkles in [...]

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Fall - Winter 2016-17 Inspirations

Fall - Winter 2016-17 InspirationsWith CREATIVE INSPIRATIONS for Fall and Winter 2016-2017 we bring you a whole new compilation of lively pulsating trends that meld rustic country life and urban elegance. What we love most about this “lyrical melange” is that PRECIOSA Crystal Components can be integrated into any style in completely different, unexpected [...]

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