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Connectors - 66
Rhinestone Connectors are available in different shapes and sizes. We carry a variety of Rhinestone items such as closures, connectors, shoe buckles, pendants and tag pins. Rhinestone Connectors come mostly with crystal and crystal AB color stones but we do carry some Rhinestone Trimmings as well in colors.

Rhinestone Connectors (Connectors)

Rhinestone Connectors - 165
Rhinestone Connectors are made with premium Czech Machine Cut stones. They all have at least two loops for convenient sewing. They come in different designs, shapes and lengths. They are made out of sturdy rhinestone chain.

Ideal for any type of garment or poolware application. Sometimes used as well in home decor.
15mm Square Crystal Silver Connector with LARGE loops 15mm Square Crystal AB Silver Connector with LARGE loops 1 inch Crystal Gold Silver Connector full list of category

Rhinestone Closures (Connectors)

Rhinestone Closures - 68
Closures are made with Premium Quality Czech Machine Cut Stones. They are both functional and decorative. Closures are built with durability in mind. All mechanical parts are re-enforced to prevent breakage. Extra plating layer is added to minimize wear and tear.

0.5 inch Square Rhinestone Closure with eye and hook, Crystal, Silver 1.25 Inches x 0.875 Inch Crystal Silver Rhinestone Closure 1.5 inches Crystal/Silver Rhinestone closure Hook & Eye full list of category

Rhinestone Trims (Connectors)

Rhinestone Trims - 140
Rhinestone Trims made out of Premium Quality Czech Machine Cut Stones. They can be easily sewn onto fabric. They can as well be used on shoes, handbags and other accessories. Trims come with loops that make sewing very easy. They are built to last.

0.5x0.5 inch Square-Shaped Crystal, Silver Connector 0.75 inch Crystal Silver Rhinestone Peace Sign 0.5x0.5 inch Square-Shaped Crystal AB/Silver Trim full list of category

Hat Pins (Connectors)

Hat Pins - 163
These are originally Hat Pins but they can be used for a number of purposes. They are made with prime quality Machine Cut stones. Available in various sizes and lengths.
3 inch Long with a SS 47 Round Crystal/Silver Hat Pin 5.75 inches Long, Double Sided Crystal Silver Hat pin 7.25 inches Long, Double Sided Crystal Silver Hat pin full list of category

Shoe Buckles (Connectors)

Shoe Buckles - 67
Shoe Buckles made with Premium Quality Czech Machine Cut Stones. Attached to shoes with strong prongs. Can be used as well for other applications such as handbags, backpacks, belts etc. Sometimes even used in home decoration. They are a quick and easy way of raising any product to a new, higher level.

3/4 inch x 1/4 inch Crystal/Silver, Funky small shoe buckle with 2 prongs 3/4 inch x 5/8 inch number 8 shape Crystal/Silver shoe buckle with 2 prongs 1 1/8 inch x 1 1/8 inch Blooming Flower Shape Crystal/Silver shoe buckle with 2 ... full list of category
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